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    Smart real estate solutions

    快三娱乐平台 Real estate promotion video Real estate promotion video also known as real estate animation film, according to the market positioning of the project, mining customer purchase psychology, the use of virtual reality technology, through multi-media interact

  • Smart business solutions

    With the rapid and in-depth integration of the Internet, Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and mobile terminal technologies, business has become increasingly smart, efficient and convenient. The essence of smart business is supported by inform

  • Smart hotel solutions

    Smart hotel system Guided by "efficiency, comfort and energy saving", the hotel realizes the intelligent interconnection of system equipment and the intelligent service and management of the whole closed loop by integrating the hotel's lighting system, s

  • Smart pavilion solution

    Museum of traditional entity concept, technology, sites, ZhanChen ability limit, and sometimes out of respect for the protection of cultural relics, can show a serious shortage of the cultural relics, providing information, a large number of collections h

  • Smart cinema solution

    快三娱乐平台 Under the current general trend of service scene concept, every detail of the audience's experience is crucial to the building of a theater's reputation and will directly affect the operation of the theater, from the online selection of theater tickets by

  • Smart home solutions

    快三娱乐平台 Intelligent family whole house intelligent system For the pursuit of high quality of life to create the house intelligent control system, intelligent lighting, intelligent security, intelligent control, video entertainment four systems of intelligent int


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